January 25, 2016

So ‘detoxing’ is coming in for a well earned analysis - high time.  But it’s a shame that the debate gets reduced to marketing fads vs science. Swallowed up and lost in this one dimensional scrutiny are the more interesting facts regarding detoxification as we know them based on what we learnt in biochemistry and nutritional medicine (part of our naturopathic training) and what we have experienced ourselves and through our clients.

Yes it is true that the liver and the kidneys will be doing their relentless, specific job of detoxifying us all the ti...


Many studies have proven the efficacy of using Co enzyme Q10,  specific forms of magnesium, and very high quality, pure fish oils. But how do you know if you need them?

luckily we have the tools to identify the main risk factors.

Your genetics may not be the only reason you could be at risk.  High cholesterol and high blood pressure are not the only causes, they may not even be the most important – but just two symptoms. 

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Image: The foods we eat determine the balance of bacteria in our gut which

influences the brain and mental health (Mark Lund (Getty))


Yes it's true....science is now starting to call the human gastro intestinal tract our second brain.  Way back it was Hippocrates who said that 'all disease begins in the gut' and our naturopathic training is founded on this philosophy.  Our gastrointestinal lining is home to the gut microbiome - a rich biodiverse and biochemically active 'sludge' basically - that is more complex than anyone could possibly have im...

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January 25, 2016

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