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natural fertility, hormonal problems

What is Natural Fertility?


Natural fertility is about learning how to manage your fertility from puberty to menopause.  In doing so you are able to become skilful at understanding and managing the different needs associated with different stages of your life as a women.
The ability of women to overcome infertility problems, manage their own ability to consciously conceive effectively and naturally and also be able to employ natural contraception methods is one of the most empowering techniques women can learn.
Natural fertility teaches a woman how to understand and cooperate with her fertility cycles through the observation of bodily signs such as cervical mucus and basal body temperature readings.  This knowledge is also combined with the empirically proven fact that all women (and men) have a personal biorhythmic lunar cycle – where the moon’s position at birth has a role in influencing fertility.
 Conscious conception – is making clear and informed choices about what alternatives are available to you, from the medical ‘orthodox’ system to the naturopathic approach.  The method taught is used to achieve conception or to avoid it.  It combines natural fertility awareness with other contraception techniques.  Importantly it allows for you to plan for the conception of your baby and to do so in the best of health.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.  The more you understand what you are doing, and why, the more control you have.  Pharmaceutical contraception methods involve over-riding or suppressing natural bodily functions rather than working with and understanding your own reproductive functions. Very few women are truly infertile and the medical approach to this problem will inevitably involve drugs and surgery.

COOPERATION.  Natural fertility methods give a male partner the opportunity to contribute on a far greater level than just being a sperm donor!  If men are involved in a deeper understanding of a woman’s fertility they stand to gain an even more open and co-operative relationship.

RELIABILITY.  We have moved along a fair way since the only method of natural contraception was the Rhythm Method.  There is much more precision and research behind the method employed today.  Using this natural method for contraception, when used correctly, is between 97 – 99 percent effective.  That is as effective as the Mini-pill.

EASE OF APPLICATION.  All it takes is a little practice plus commitment and motivation on the part of the woman.  Once a routine is firmly established it just becomes part of life and hardly any time or effort is needed.  It only takes a few cycles for a woman to be confident and self-aware of her fertility.
NO SIDE-EFFECTS.  Because there is no intrusive techniques involved, there can be no side-effects.

HAVING CHILDREN WHEN THEY ARE WANTED.  The information learned can be used to avoid as well as achieve conception.  For women experiencing low fertility levels the method can be used to actually pinpoint the most fertile time in the cycle and maximise preparation for that time.


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