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VLA anti ageng, Naturopathy, remedial massage Ivanhoe

Vitality, Longevity and Healthy Ageing

The Vitality, Longevity and Healthy Ageing (VLA) program gives the tools to help you maximise your ongoing health and wellbeing.
Patients on the VLA program receive a professional assessment of their health status.
People who may benefit from the VLA program include those who want to:

  • Manage their body composition effectively i.e. percentage of body fat

  • Increase muscle tone and fitness

  • Support energy levels

  • Support healthy ageing

  • Support the nutrition and health of their body

Patrick uses the VLA program to assess the following:

  • Body composition

  • Hydration levels

  • Nutritional status

  • Health status

  • Muscle % reading

  • Cell health & inflammation


The Bio-impediance Machine Measures…
biological age compared to your chronological age

The testing process.
The Bio-impediance machine passes an electrical current through your body to measure the above factors. It is so gentle that you don’t feel a thing. Following testing a visual report is generated for immediate analysis and discussion.  VLA testing and consultation should take no more than 30 minutes.


Who wants more vitality?
Patrick will advise you if this approach is appropriate for you. He will take into account your present health and your goals to design a program to maximise your energy and ensure that your body is ageing as healthily as possible. Call or email to discuss if this is the best program for you.

An example of VLA results

This womans chronological age is 57 years, but her biological age is 49  (biomarker index) due to a high active tissue mass (both the muscle mass relative to fat and the quality of that tissue).

VLA anti ageing, Naturopathy, remedial massage Ivanhoe
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