Karen Tacon              

N.D., Dip. Hom. Post Grad. Phyto.   


96 Upper Heidelberg Road
IVANHOE Victoria 3079

Ph - 03 9499 1825   Mob - 0402 316 070
Web - www.bmsnatural.com

Email - bmsnatural@icloud.com

Karen consults one Saturday a month.

Patrick no longer consults, he is working full time in Occupational rehabilitation. Patrick teaches two yoga classes a week at Ivanhoe.


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96 Upper Heidelberg Road.
Ivanhoe, VICTORIA.  3079
Tel: (03) 9499 1825

Mob: 0402 316070
Mail: bmsnatural@icloud.com



An initial naturopathic consultation takes approximately one hour. Your current health status and past health history is covered, along with inspecting the iris, tongue and nails to help assess digestive function, possible mineral deficiencies and constitutional integrity (the health ‘bank account’ you are born with). Consultations are aimed at formulating a simple but effective protocol to improve your condition and wellbeing and reaching an understanding of the reasons behind what is causing your symptoms. At the end of your consultation, certain supplements, herbal remedies, physical therapies or dietary changes may be suggested. A follow-up consult is usually booked for 1-3 weeks later to assess your progress, modify a prescriptions or to continue physical therapy (e.g. remedial therapies).

You may be required to have some blood tests or functional tests performed by your doctor if the need arises as this may provide very useful information to aid in your treatment.